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Drawings of Corridor

 I sat in the corridor at college and drew the corridor i started by sketching it out then i went onto doing it in just one line, this was hard when i was trying to get the perspective right. 2 minute, 10 line drawing. this was sketched out, there was several lines for one line, … Continue reading


I chose to draw around college, i drew the courtyard from above in a classroom, i sketched it out doing several lines for each line. it was quite hard to do the perspective from above because my eye level was higher then normal. 10.02.2011 sketch of the courtyard. 10.02.2011 I did some close ups of the … Continue reading

This project is based around my designer profile from CATS. I have chosen to look at Zaha Hadid, and a some of her work. My specialist technique i am looking at is perspective drawing, and drawing techiniques by different architects, e.g Norman Foster Sketches and Zaha Hadid. This is a drawing or the spiral tower … Continue reading