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Final Major Project

Cornmill Hotel Model

All i have left to do now is put the roof on, which is very difficult because of all the curves and the different levels.

These are some of images of my final model nearly finished, i have glued them all down and polised the aluminium and acrylic.

I have now cut out the acrylic parts for the windows and entrance.

These are some of the sides cut out of aluminium.

I made paper templates to help me get the shape of the sides so i could cut them out of aluminium.

This is my second atempt and my final atempt, this was much easier then my first atempt, it was easy to bend the aluminium and the curves where smooth and looked alot better.

This is my first atempt at making my model it was very difficult to get the curves right, i had to heat it up and bend but i had to do this fast and repeat if it didnt go right the first time. I dont really like this atempt because you dont get flowing curves.



One thought on “Final Major Project

  1. These photos look really good Demi… I think once you have the model completed it would be good to get it up in the photography studio for some quality portfolio shots…

    Posted by hesir | June 8, 2011, 10:54 pm

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