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Final Major Project

Cornmill Hotel Model All i have left to do now is put the roof on, which is very difficult because of all the curves and the different levels. These are some of images of my final model nearly finished, i have glued them all down and polised the aluminium and acrylic. I have now cut … Continue reading

Final Major Project

    Initial Ideas, Paper Folding This is the first one I did, I like this one because of the swirls and that you can see them from the front of the building. I like this idea because of the main swirl in the centre, I also like it because you can see it from the front of … Continue reading

Final Major Project

For my Final Major Project i want to make a large architectural model. This model with be a redevelopment of Cornmill Hotel, East Hull, which i will be designing an extension to go round the back of the building. I will be looking into sustainable technology and materials. I want to include contemporary architecture in to the old … Continue reading

Cluttered work area

This is a ink drawing i wanted to explore didnt media so i decided to do a larger ink drawing using cardboard to apply the ink. I found this technique very easy and fast to do, its a good way to get straight lines and the perspective right.

Sketches of Building

I chose to go and draw the the building over looking the car park at college, it started off quite hard to get the perspective right of the windows and the actual building, i tryed out different drawing media in this set of drawings. This is my first drawing, i got the perspective right of … Continue reading

Drawings of Corridor

 I sat in the corridor at college and drew the corridor i started by sketching it out then i went onto doing it in just one line, this was hard when i was trying to get the perspective right. 2 minute, 10 line drawing. this was sketched out, there was several lines for one line, … Continue reading


I chose to draw around college, i drew the courtyard from above in a classroom, i sketched it out doing several lines for each line. it was quite hard to do the perspective from above because my eye level was higher then normal. 10.02.2011 sketch of the courtyard. 10.02.2011 I did some close ups of the … Continue reading

This project is based around my designer profile from CATS. I have chosen to look at Zaha Hadid, and a some of her work. My specialist technique i am looking at is perspective drawing, and drawing techiniques by different architects, e.g Norman Foster Sketches and Zaha Hadid. This is a drawing or the spiral tower … Continue reading